HO is the most popular model train scale in the US. The HO division of the club is a very active group with over 50 members.

More than 20 members have personal layouts in various stages of construction in their Villages homes. Members often host layout

tours or operating sessions for their layouts. Within the group, we have experienced modelers who are willing to help those new

to the hobby plan and build a layout or module.Tim Fahey and Wally Filkins are co-chairmen of the division. They are part of

a 9 member steering team that helps to plan events, future construction of modules and manage the budget of the division.

HO actively participates in all club shows with a layout on display. We have two separate layouts. The first is a modular layout that

combines club owned modules with member owned modules built to a specific standard. Our largest layout has been 26 feet by 38 feet.

Please see the separate web page for details on module standards as well as photos. The second layout is a 4 foot by 16 foot sectional

layout that can be easily transported to schools and nursing homes to provide educational programs on model railroading. It is

built entirely of club owned sections. Please see the separate traveling layout page for details and photos. If you would be interested

in having the club bring the display to your school, please contact Tim or Wally.The HO division also has access to a 10 x 35 work area for

at least 3 months out of the year. We use that facility to do maintenance on existing modules, construct new ones and run operating sessions

on the traveling layout. All division members are welcome to participate in those activities as well.

HO Division Modular Layout

The division operates this layout at most club events. The club owns 12 modules that provide a basic rectangular layout and

staging yard. Additionally, several members have built modules that can be combined with club modules for larger

layouts.All of the modules are built to an exact standard that is based upon the National Model Railroad Association

standards used worldwide. This allows quicker setup of a layout and enables us to place the member modules

in different positions to change the look of the layout from one showing to the next. Please see the link above for

the module standards that the club follows. Building a module is ideal for a member who wants to more actively

participate in the club but doesn't’t have the space or time to build an entire layout in their homes. The HO division

has members who can assist in the construction or design of the module and will provide some of

the necessary materials.

HO Division Traveling Layout

The HO division also has a smaller, more portable, sectional layout that members can transport to

schools or nursing homes for programs about model railroading. The layout is based upon a fictional

Florida town in the mid 1950s. The club owns all of the sections and the layout can be transported in

members’ vehicles to shows. The layout is built lower than our modules to better accommodate

younger children and people in wheelchairs. If you would be interested in having the club display at your

school, please contact Tim Fahey or Wally Filkins.









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