Bob Francis HO train layout

This layout is a combination of my hometown in 1965, my wife’s Grandparents farm and scenery to take

advantage of the layout design and existing rolling stock.

The hometown is Oaks PA, which is west of Philadelphia near Valley Forge state park. Oaks is a one

street town (Eygpt Road) and the Reading Railroad Perkiomen Branch ran North and South through


Additionally, a Pennsylvania Railroad branch line ran East and West on the South side of town.

Looking down Eygpt road to the East one can see the local station on the East side of the tracks. This

station was built in 1866. Across the road is Keyser’s Feed and Seed which also received coal for

distribution from the railroad and St Paul’s Episcopal Church.

Working West on the South side of the road is my Great-Grandfathers country store (not operating in 1965),

the barbershop, house, the one traffic light in town, more houses, the four room school house and Custer’s

garage (a Mobile station owned by my best friend’s father and uncles) which also had the school bus


Working West on the North side of Eygpt Road is the local apartment building, Post Office (still operating today) and

my grandfather’s grocery store. Behind them were a few houses. I have included a replica of the house I

grew up in which was built by my father in 1952 and was about ¼ of a mile from the rail line.

Also on the layout is a replica of my wife’s grandparents farm. This was about 7 miles from Oaks and was

adjacent to the Reading mainline running from Philadelphia to Reading. The farm was also close to the

PECO Cromby power generating station which is depicted on the layout.

The remainder of the layout is not representative of any actual location. There is a mountain resort (to

take advantage of the incline),

an oil distribution center (to take advantage of my tanker fleet), a transfer building and ice house

(to take advantage of my Reefer fleet) and a yard with maintenance area.

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